About Us

Social Service organization helps the poverty striken people to move forward in life and be self independent. It is a holy profession which imparts good health,bright future,gender equality, etc.The main objective is to respect the human rights and provide social justice to common underprivileged society.

Social worker is a helping hand that reach to each and every part of society and make them move towards a better life . It help them to make self-reliant by proper councelling . They make the people develop and enhance professional skills.

Niyatee is one of the helping hands that can take you towards your brighter destiny.

Niyatee Foundation is a organization that works on the main aspects of society as zero Hunger, quality Education, sanitation,good health and well being, no poverty and gender Equality.We are ready to grasp your hand and move you away from all the obstacles and show you the real world of health and happiness.

We focuses on different features like skill development programmes, blood donation , health camps including accupressure, youth and women empowerment.Our Skills Development training Program is designed for the youth especially from neglected and disaster hit communities as well as for Naxalite affected Ares.

Don't confined your destiny to hunger, poverty or unemployment. Don't let the destiny rules you,Be with Niyatee and rule your destiny.

Together we can move forward in the way of all round development of society, children education, youth skill development, etc

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