Clean Water and Sanitation

Water scarcity is one of the major problems everywhere. Even in villages also people are suffering from safe drinking water problem, and especially in agriculture. Clean environment means healthy life.The more our environment is clean and green the more pure oxygen.

GANGA:(Safe Drinking Water)

Water scarcity is one of the major problems everywhere. Even in villages also people are suffering from safe drinking water problem, and especially in agriculture. Though fresh water is a renewable resource, but still it is decreasing. The reason is our unconsciousness, environment effect, lack of implementing technology etc. We on behalf of our organization have just started this mission to supply safe drinking water in village areas by establishing tube wells, RO(Reverse Osmosis) Tanks etc to give them safe drinking water. Also we are providing them awareness of the global importance of preserving water for ecosystem services. There are so many villages are present in Oidsha where still now people are not getting safe drinking water for which they are facing health problems.

Various contaminate like Arsenic, Chlorine, excess of Iron and Carbon put bad effect in our health while drinking the water. Hence it is necessary to taste the water in regular interval so as to aware about your health. Several diseases like skin problems( such as skin color change, hard patches on the palms and soles of the feet, diseases in the blood vessels, diabetes, kidney and lungs problem, thairoid etc. are caused due to contaminated drinking water.

That's why we have started this program under which we are going through villages, taste their daily drinking water sources and providing them solutions for safe drinking water through Reverse Osmosis process. Also we are working and awaking them about how to reserve the rain water which is the only way to solve our water scarcity. By making small ponds, digging wells, creating drains and sweage to the crop fields, we are giving them ideas to store rain water.

PARIVESH:(Plantation and Sanitation)

Niyatee Foundation has also put its effort on plantation. It has planted more than 1000 seedings of Neem trees as neem tree has many more medicinal effects. Also we have planted many more plants in road side under the program of "Road Side Plantation" driven by Niyatee Foundation of fast growing trees like cotton, rubber trees etc. We are also organizing plantation program in schools to aware the children about the environment and its effect in our present and future life.Another step has successfully being taken by Niyatee Foundation for sanitation to clean environment and for the replacement of garbage.

Instead of polluting the roads and areas around the houses, we are awaking people to put at a distant place which will in turn, Now a day some diseases are very vital which can bring serious damage to your body and also your social life. So we need to promote self-awareness as well as community level awareness. But before going to people we should make our surrounding clean, so that they will be motivated and will think of their sanitation. Now a day, DENGUE causes serious health damage. Its viruses can transmit by mosquito bites. Residential garbage, hotel garbage and waste from the industries can be managed in a proper way for safety of human/animal life and for this work Niyatee Foundation is always took a strong step ahead.

The Best time to plant tree is now