Reduced Inequalities

Niyateefoundation is organizing so many health camps and health awareness programs to stay away from dangerous disease like AIDS. We are at Niyateefoundation organizing health camps and awareness programs in rural area villages where people are not aware about this dangerous disease. Through our camp we are telling about this disease prevention and providing them books, through which people can know about the symptoms, how it affect from person to person and how we can protect ourselves from this disease.

HIV-(AIDS) Awareness

HIV-AIDS is one of the dangerous diseases which invented in third populated country South Africa and Nigeria. Currently statistics is telling that the disease growth rate in India is very high. Due to lack of awareness and knowledge about this people are suffering on this. So it's very important to raise the awareness campaign program to fight against this dangerous disease.

Niyateefoundation is the social service organization has arranged and arranging AIDs awareness program in regular intervals in the rural village areas, where people don't have knowledge about this diseases. India has also been praised for its extensive anti-AIDS campaign. To increase this success rate we are at Niyateefoundation putting our best effort in

diminishing of this disease from the grass root. It will be only work through proper awareness and prevention. In this modern time some people have also the wrong concept on AIDS and they are still getting afraid on AIDS. Here we are giving them the proper guidance and knowledge by arranging rally, camps, distributing books related to HIV symptoms and its prevention.

Health Awareness

As everybody knows that "Health is our Wealth" and good health is a gift of God. But it's very difficult to stay away from disease. With the drastic changes in environment and food these may be a possibility of affecting any diseases to anyone. The only thing that everyone should aware about different types of disease, their symptoms, and their precautions. Rural people are not getting enough information about the above things. So health awareness program is the best media to deliver the information among them. Niyateefoundation the social service organization has been arranging some health awareness programs in the rural areas. Most of the people in village areas are facing deadly situations in diseases due to lack of money and medicines. That's why we are arranging regular health camps in village areas where we have gone through free health check up, medicine distribution for casual diseases and also aware them about the diseases and their symptoms so that they can take prevention earlier.