Good Health and Well-being

Being Healthy is a gift of God. But we are living in a highly sofisticated world where pollution lies in our blood. For this Niyatee has taken a tremendous step to relax the human being by the way of adopting Acupressure and Magnetic Therapy.

Acupressure is the most trusted therapy of present day society. Acupressure known as marma Chikitshya in ancient India was even practiced by shushruta and Charak the two most reputed physician of ancient India.

The science of Acupressure is the oldest therapy known to man. In ancient times the prevalent socio-economic and religious conditions pushed this age old time tested health science into a corner. For a long time it was regarded with scepticism and distrust. But the past one and half decade has witnessed some revolutionary changes in the realm of health science. In more recent times, however, it has had such great success that it has ceased to be an outsider and has taken its place within the framework of holistic therapy, where its respect and recognition is increasing day by day like a flame. In the pre-historic period when man first arrived he had been equipped with the points and unknowingly he was using them through pressure and massage

it has had such great success that it has ceased to be an outsider and has taken its place within the framework of holistic therapy, where its respect and recognition is increasing day by day like a flame.

Magneto Therapy

Magnet Therapy like Acupressure is also a very reliable way of treatment. Its mode of treatment is usage of magnetic kits over the affected areas of the body. In the affected areas a magnetic kit is used either by rotating is slowly for few minutes or is fixed at that area for longer period. This type of application of magnetic over the body rectifies the error and heals the affected parts. This is also a safe mode of treatment. The proponents of old theory advocate that the irons present in haemoglobin in the erythrocytes (red blood cells) are attracted by the Magnet instruments toward it and circulation of blood is improved when it is used in the body. This acceleration of blood circulation heals a disease.

How It Works

when magnet is rotated one inch above the surface of the affected part of the body one could feel some MAGNETIC ATTRACTIONS. This attraction is sometimes felt by both the patient and therapist. This attraction is because of the de-allignment of the magnetism of the affected part of the body. Once the de-allignment is corrected and the ailment is cured then the attraction ceases to be felt. This shows the ailment has been cured. So one through this attraction (if can be felt by one) can make diagnosis as well as prognosis which seem not to be possible in the methods of old theory. n acute cases the ailment and its symptoms are relieved by the magnet therapy in a short span of time and attraction also simultaneously stops to be felt. But in c hronic cases where the ailment is deep rooted it might take little longer time to be cured. One should always start with low potency (power) magnet and if required can gradually switch over to higher potency magnets.

Meridian Point

Nature has created numerous invisible openings or points over the surface of the body that facilitates the flow of entry and exit of prana. Acupressure Therapy uses these points for the treatment of ailments. Whenever there is any obstruction in the flow of prana to any part, then that is manifested as a disorder of that part. Acupressure, if applied, clears the obstruction for the flow of prana and simultaneously the disorder is cured.

Acupressure therapy known to India as Marma Chikitsha has been classified into different sub-therapies, such as- Reflexology, Meridianology, Scalp Therapy, Auricle Therapy and Su-Jok Therapy. In Reflexology there are 39 points located over the surface of the palm and sole. These 39 points are related and represent 39 different organs of the body. The state of functioning, either normal, hyperfunction or hypofunction, of these 39 organs are reflected on their represented points over the palm and sole as tenderness.

How Pressure is Applied on the Point

Pressure is applied with the use of thumb, blunt end of a pencil, or a pen. Many practitioners also use a mushroom shaped instrument known as Jimmy to apply pressure. Pressure is applied on the exact location of point and thereby the point tenderness if any is detected. If the point is tender then pressure is applied on it for a constant period of 5 to 10 seconds. If the point is not tender then it is left and other points are probed. Amount of pressure applied should be in accordance to one's resistance power. While giving pressure look at the patient eyes. Eye is the most sensitive part of the body that reacts (blinks) even to slightest pain. So by looking at eye you can determine and regulate the amount of pressure that has to be given on that point. Only thumb and no accessories should be used to apply pressure on point No. 10 to 16, as they are located on a very soft and sensitive areas of the hand and sole.