Quality Education

After quenching the thrust of food now comes the real weapon to win every war in life. That is Education.If the base is strong then the building is unbreakable.

Education is that base which we have to make strong, so that the future of our nation survive well in every situation.

For this reason we are implementing skill development programmes .skill development program helps in providing scope and opportunities to these under develop youth to get employment.

Present scenario skill development programs focusing more to both traditional and latest new jobs. The main idea behind the skill development program is to raise confidence, improve productivity among the under develop youth.

Education specially skill development programmes by Niyatee focuses on eradication of unemployment and poverty.

"Niyatee Foundation" along with its active wing named SUTRA is focusing on providing complete training on Advance IT and defense to needy rural SC and ST students. Niyateefoundation skills development program is specifically designed for the youth from neglected and disaster hit communities.