Creche Sundargarh

Early Childhood Care and Nutrition are crucial for the physical and mental development of children. Children aged between 6 months to 3 years require interventions in terms of adequate care and nutrition to fight Malnutrition and implant in them seeds of early childhood learning. In absence of primary caregivers, especially in the underprivileged regions, where the maximum population is dependent on daily waged jobs, the institutionalization of Early childhood care has become inevitable to facilitate the development of children and women workforce participation. The program shall also relieve the elder siblings from the burden of Child care, promoting their education and lesser drop out from schools.

The project aims at extending community-based Creches in close vicinity of the dwelling or workplace of the mother, to ensure accessible day-care facility to the children, with adequate focus on their nutritional development and Early Childhood Cognitive Development, promoting their financial empowerment.

Presently, we are working as the Implementation Agency for the establishment and management of 50 Crèches in the Kuarmunda Block of Sundarhgarh District. The creche extends daycare facilities to children aged between 6 months to 3 years to ensure their Early Childhood Care and Development and eradication of Malnutrition. The program envisioned to ensure healthy physical, mental and social development of the children, whose both parents are employed on daily wage labours and the child is at the risk of having a ignored childhood, with poor nutritional, physical and mental development.