Chairman's message:

Mr. Nirmal Kumar Panda

Working hand-in-hand with the community since 2012, we have been able to create an optimistic change in the lives of many in Odisha, with our persistent commitment to assure them quality in line with the United Nation's 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development.

Our interventions focus on the broad pillars of Good health, Quality Education, Sustainable Livelihood, Rural Development and Environment & Climate Change, ensuring percolation of benefits to the youths, women and children, in the most interior, rural and tribal regions of the state. We believe an empowered individual creates an empowered society and thus, we stand to empower each individual starting with Nutritional development coupled with Early Childhood Care and Development for the children in our Creches, supporting the healthy development of over 5000 children.

Along with that we work on Skill development and Livelihood Generation for youths and women supporting their financial empowerment, Health interventions and Sanitation facilities towards a healthier society, provisioning for Clean Drinking Water, empowering the communities to fight natural calamities, Quality Education for Employment Generation among youths, strengthening Rural Infrastructure with Electricity for all and Environmental Protection with community participation. We not only believe in advocating for a better society but strive towards creating agents of change, making the social and development of the society not only inclusive but lasting, thus, we put efforts towards sensitization and upskilling of the women and youths in the community. Over the time, we have empowered over 60,000 women and 15,000 youths in the state of Odisha and are relentlessly working towards reaching many more.

For us, every step today is a stepping stone towards a brighter and sustainable tomorrow and so in association with our partners, we relentlessly work as the flag bearers of lasting change in the society, building for them a Quality Life.