Donate Book(SARVGYAN)Knowledge for all

Spread the power of Knowledge by donating a book to help someone in need

How to Help:

      Call Us with the details of the books you want to Donate.
      We will collect the books from your doorstep
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We appreciate donation of accessories as these can be widely useful to someone who might be in ominous need. One can help someone by donating bags, books, dresses, gadgets, utensils, watches, goggles, hair etc. Your donated things will bring a lot of gratitude for you among those needy people. Your gifts with love will mean a whole world to someone.

So don't resist the goodness within you. Share your unused thing or helpful thing for someone in urgent need.


"Be the one who creates the difference in society by donating to needy"

Niyatee foundation is a helping hand to aid those who are in urgent need. Niyatee Foundation holds various awareness programs on health welfare time to time. Every year on 7th of June we arrange blood donation camps throughout Odisha along with some free health checkup camps in rural and underdeveloped areas. We collect blood for Thalassemia Patients to serve the humanity and to save the patients fighting with this critical disease and other life threatening diseases. We are also spreading awareness on blood donation so more and more people come ahead to donate blood and serve the humanity. For us saving a life is utmost importance


Since eye is window to the world and if blessed with it, then why not to pass it to those who are unable to see this beautiful and colourful world by being alive even after death.

Most of blind people are corneal blind and most of that can be solved by eye donation. We encourage people and aware about eye donations so that we can spread the gift of vision from one millions. Target retrieval of corneas by Eye bank of India is 150,000 corneas per year. So we have taken oath to contribute in this cause to help bring change in the life of people.


Niyatee foundation also accepts your gifts such as toys, cloths, furniture etc either used or new so that to pass it on to the needy who are not enough blessed to have such beautiful things. Even you can also share digital gadgets so to move it to not have's kind of people. Your small action can give someone smile and a new experience to explore. We appreciate your gifts of kind.


We work for cause and try to help people and also appreciate those who want to help people through us by donating for a charity and to benefit a cause. All the funds donated to us goes wholeheartedly to those who need help.

We continuously work on grants so that to get support for our work to bring change in society in a fast paced. We work hard for making a successful grant so that to easily put on for benefiting people.