Our Story


PRATIMA SETHI Daughter of a farmer from Nayagarh district. Found difficult in continuing with her studies due to financial problem of the family. That didn't dampened her spirit of pursuing her career and she took training in " Beauty and wellness" under support from ONGC. On completion of the training she started her own establishment and she has earning very good amount. Also she has provide employment to 3 staff. She has proven how lack of finance and social barrier cannot stop a girl to fulfil her ambition.


Kanhucharan manjhi

Kanhucharan Manjhi from Hariharpur village was seeking training at Niyatee foundation, Keonjhar. Now working at Orissa OS Office 2nd SS Battalion. Now he is independent and able to lead a good life. He says "Thank you!!! Niyatee, TATA STEEL & District administration Keonjhar for equipping him with skills and knowledge for his grand success."

Gouri Padhi:

Gouri padhi from danagadi, Jajpur district is successfully working in Inspavo Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd from last few years. She has acquired a respective post and success in both her professional and personal life. For her achievement, she gives the admiration to the ADVANCED IT course led by TATASTEEL and implemented by NIYATEE FOUNDATION.She is happy and grateful to have gone through our skill training for her success.


ASHOK DALAI son of daily worker in puri dist. was unable to get a job after completion of MSW. He got enrolled in "Computer Hardware Assistance " with support of DDU GKY under ORMAS component. On completion of the training he was placed in a Company at Bhubaneswar. Now he is able to support her family and has become role model in her village.


MAA SHAKTI SELF HELP GROUP was established on 26/11/2016 on behalf of NIYATEE FOUNDATION in WARD NO-66, Raghunath Nagar, Dumduma.In a meeting by NIYATEE FOUNDATION, people expressed their interest for formation of SHG. Within two days, SHG was formed by observing the norms prescribed for the same and opened accounts in the banks i.e. ODISHA GRAMYA BANK. Our organisation led training programme for them on savings, receiving loan and repayment working process & marketing etc and they started their business which brought them good profit and a magnificent change has come in their financial condition with stability. All the members along with the president of the SHGs have expressed their sincere thanks & gratitude to the NIYATEE FOUNDATION.

The members of MAA SHAKTI SHG with the help of NIYATEE FOUNDATION participated in the SISIRA SARAS FAIR arranged at BBSR& opened a stall of bamboo craft. The products of the group were sold there and they received a lot of profit. NIYATEE FOUNDATION is always encouraging & assisting them in several ways for sale of their products.


Niyatee foundation helped in formation of KANHA SHG in ward no -65, Bhubaneswar. It comprises of 10 members. The story behind this is that few people with weak economical condition came together and joined hands to start a business with Orissa's heritage "arsa pitha" and NIYATEE FOUNDATION thrown the light on their path to accomplish this with SHG formation.

Now they are able to manage good recurring source of income by selling arsa pitha's. Their feedback is so good that everyday their demand in market is growing. They have changed their life and each day they are becoming more successful and inspiration for many of us.