Social service is a wide and holy profession which improves the lifestyle of individual, family, groups, communities and development of society through various sectors like education, health, poverty, children and family welfare, social awareness and in skill development .

Our Goals

Quality Education

Illiteracy is the root cause for most of the issues in rural areas and education is the solution! Niyatee foundation is a premier organization in Odisha, providing training to candidates from tribal and rural areas.

Gender Equality

we found that women are discriminated in many aspects. Every three minutes in India a woman is subjected to violence. So, NIYATEE FOUNDATION comes in with determination to eradicate this scenario from our society.

Good Health & well-being

For us saving life is utmost importance, we at Niyatee Foundation provide different initial medical treatment through our steps "sushrut " in which we provide awareness about natural "acupressure " & "magnotherapy".

Clean Water & Sanitation

Many people struggle for safe water. So Niyatee foundation has put its step forward to solve this issue by implementing different ways to get clean water and we also educate people how to keep our natural resources clean.


Niyatee foundation is boldly committed to abolish poverty in all forms and dimensions. We are targeting to people living below poverty line in vulnerable conditions.


Hunger can be viewed as a dimension of extreme poverty Niyatee foundation aims for the vulnerable people to have access to sufficient and nutritious food all over year round.


Surveys are tricky so Niyatee foundation has planted its feet to survey our society. Niyatee foundation has conducted several surveys and interviews which allow us to gather more facts with deeper understanding of whole scenario of people.

reduced inequality

Niyatee foundation is in hustle to create a life where everyone is given equal opportunities and respect. We are working to lift up the lifestyle of people through skill development training by making them employable.

Life at Niyatee

Our Family

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